Hybrid Road Train Design Challenge

Switch Batteries and UWA IEEE are working together to use batteries to make Western Australian businesses more efficient.

Right now, we are working with a local company that uses road trains to haul iron ore on private roads. The company is looking for the most efficient way to add an electric assist, to an existing road train. The electric assist will result in less diesel use per unit of ore hauled. The electric assist is needed for the first few minutes of startup - getting the truck up to 40km/h.

road train.jpg

Over summer 2018/19 we are running a group engineering design project, asking the question:

How can we best integrate an electric assist, into an existing road train?

The project comprises two steps:

Firstly: Background work, as a group, learning about battery electric drivetrains in a hands on manner.

Secondly: A design competition, working in small teams.

The winning team will receive:

$5k cash

Engineering support

Project management & commercialisation support

This team will work alongside the trucking company to develop a concept demonstrator and commercialise their work. This is a great opportunity to learn in a hands on manner and connect with a real world opportunity.

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